Why is My AC Making A Gurgling Noise?

July 15, 2019

What should you do if you hear a gurgling sound while your air conditioner is running and you can’t tell where the noise is coming from?

This type of water sound in the HVAC system likely indicates a problem in the refrigerant lines. The gurgling sound could be air trapped in the liquid coolant lines, which should not happen if the lines are adequatelyl sealed.

It is ordinarily safe to continue operating your system if it’s making the gurgling noise. However, you should call an expert technician to check it out and confirm the root cause.

Some clients have asked us what if your air conditioner is making a bubbling noise? Don't worry, the pros say that is likely the same concern as the gurgling sounds we've mentioned above. Some customers just consider the noise bubbling and others as gurgling.  
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